Among the July 4th Tea Party picnic rally speeches, here’s one I would have liked to hear:

America doesn,t rest on formulas. It innovates faster and more responsively than other nations. The Tea Party’s liberal critics think we’re backward-thinking conservatives and conservatives think liberals are pie-in-the-sky futurists. We’re neither. We’re realists responsive to today’s opportunities and threats. We learn the lessons of the past as we fulfill American’s destiny, but we live squarely in this moment in history and real-world practical questions about how to make the most of it.

The lesson we’ve learned is that markets work if you let them. Government must be minimized to national security, preventing property theft and upholding contracts. Otherwise, government should get out of our way, letting people chose their destinies and letting markets price things honestly.

Friends, today we face two great threats that call for a free market solution. One is a threat to national security; the other to economic security. Our dependence on foreign oil is compromising our government and weakening our economy. And we are losing ground to countries like Germany and China in the battle for dominance in energy efficiency, this century’s fastest growing economic sector.

Now some Tea Party members employ a formula: If the liberals like it, it’s bad. Since liberals believe in energy independence and energy efficiency we’re against them. But is that independent thinking? A teenager might claim to demonstrate independence by opposing everything the authorities like. But don’t believe him. Lock step, he is reacting to the authority’s guidance. Why should we let liberals determine our policies?

There is a simple solution for both energy independence and winning inernational competition for efficient energy jobs, a free market solution that actually shrinks government.

Currently in the US, demand is low for the kind of energy solutions that will provide energy independence and enable us to on the energy efficiency boom. Why? Because oil, though expensive is much cheaper than the alternatives. It’s cheap because people are getting a free lunch on it two ways. First, like the old Soviet central government our heavy-handed government is using your tax dollars to subsidize oil, making you pay for other people’s gas and for big oil profits too.

Second people are not paying for oil’s consequences to others. The three trillion dollar ($100K per person) cost of the Iraq war, for example. The Middle East has 56% of the world’s oil reserves. If it weren’t for our energy dependence, government wouldn’t have to be over there putting our soldiers in harms way in crazy Islamic civil wars. Set aside the pollution questions. Regardless of whether global warming turns out to be the hoax we suspect it is, there’s no question oil costs more than what people pay at the pump. Who is paying the difference? You, through higher taxes.

Some people argue you should pay taxes to support oil. You’re oil subsidies contribute to our collective economic growth. These people are socialists. They don’t believe in free markets. They believe in taxing people for the collective good. That’s not the Tea Party way. We should stop subsidizing everything–no more oil subsidies, no more solar subsidies. Get government out of its central-planning role and let market demand determine what gets developed.

Pricing oil honestly means reducing subsidies but also increasing oil’s price to cover what it really costs to use it. And pricing oil honestly moves us toward energy independence and a competitive edge in the coming energy efficiency boom.

But who gets the revenue from increased oil prices? Not the big oil companies, and lord knows, not the government. No, you deserve that money. You’re the one who has been carrying everyone, and you’re the one who will face higher prices at the gas pump.

So here’s what we do. Remove the subsidies, and every year we inch oil prices up toward honest pricing, giving 100% of the revenue back to you directly. Gas goes up say by 15 cents, and you get a check for $300. That’s enough to offset the price increase on about 2,000 gallons of gas. And if you figure out a way to use less gas, well, you get to keep the savings. Free market economists can tell you. That incentive alone will shift us toward energy independence and dominance in the energy efficiency boom.

Like members of the 1773 Tea Party we must do with our moment what future generations will thank us for doing. Reducing government and the debt is key. Keeping our nation independent and now energy independent is key. Winning in the new economy is key. I can see those 1773 Tea Partiers now, calling out to us 238 later saying, “Use your moment well. Carry our legacy forward.”

Thank you.