Definition: People who apply the evolutionary theory of natural selection to their own lives, wiring up the natural selective pressures in their environments to bring out the best in them.

Have you noticed what a wimp willpower is? We’d be fools to depend on it to hold us to our New Year’s resolutions, our diets, our plans to watch less television. The selectrician’s trick is to harness that little wimp when it happens to show up; harness it to carry the selectrician over a little threshold into a big commitment to more powerful incentives than willpower can ever be.

Our thimbleful of willpower won’t reliably ‘just say no’ to the dessert staring at us from the refrigerator shelf. But with the selectrician’s skill, a little willpower can be harnessed to keep the dessert off the shelf altogether.

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Mind Readers Dictionary : Play in Popup

When it comes to consistently turning the TV off when we have better things to do, our scrawny little willpower just won’t. But with a selectrician’s skill it can remove the TV from the house, schedule it electronically, or lock it up in a cabinet with someone less tempted holding the key.

The Selectrician’s motto: ‘I can’t change myself, but I can alter my environment so that it changes me.” Selectricians learned this motto from nature.

Evolution is about natural selection, the power of a creature’s environment to shape how its species evolves. Evolutionary biologists talk about ‘selective pressures.’ They imagine them sort of like winds blowing creatures toward certain features. They talk about selective pressure for speed, for flight, for camouflage, or any other attribute.

Selective pressure is a shorthand for a more complex, subtle and fascinating process that I will not bore you with here. Suffice to say that about 150 years ago, biologists realized that our environments make us who we are today, and ever since, we’ve been in a great position to learn from nature how to get our environment to evolve us further.

Here’s a trick from the selectrician’s bag: Distinguish between voltage and polarity. For an electrician, voltage is the charge, the yeaning electricity has to get from one place to another. For a selectrician it’s the strength of a selective pressure. Dessert for many of us is fairly high voltage. But for those of us gaining weight, its polarity is all wrong.

For an electrician, polarity is the direction of the charge. For a selectrician, it’s the direction a selective pressure will take you if you expose yourself to it. Too much dessert takes some of us into ill-health. If you want to cut out dessert, don’t expose yourself too its voltage at close range. A selectrician figures out how to reduce exposure to the high voltage selective pressures with bad polarity.

Think of what a difference this can make in dating. Non-selectricians meet someone drop-dead high voltage and simply say, ‘Vavavoom! Take me. I’m yours.’ Selectricians check out the polarity. They know that there’s nothing more dangerous than a highly attractive mate whose polarity will grow them in unhealthy directions. The last thing they want at close range is a beautiful face frowning when they do the right thing and smiling when they do the wrong one. To selectricians, an ideal mate is someone drop- dead high-voltage who brings out the best in them.

Though natural selection’s the root
there are other ‘selections’ to boot
The trick’s to configure
Selections to trigger
behavior you think will bear fruit